How Much Does Two Men and a Truck Cost for a Local Move?

Donations to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can include essential items such as soap, shampoo, blankets, and clothing, which the staff then delivers to partnered local shelters. The cost of these services will vary depending on the number of hours or days the truck is needed and any additional services you purchase. The company also runs the Movers for Moms and Movers for Military programs, which collaborate with shelters, schools, and other organizations to raise donations for homeless mothers and veterans. Rather than straining your back while dragging furniture around your house, climbing stairs, or going to the sidewalk, you can hire professional movers from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to do the work for you.

The labor industry for moving and renting moving trucks continues to expand in both service options and the number of companies offering such services. The off-season is a great time to plan a move and save money on both moving labor and truck rentals; this includes February, March, April, October, and November. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's movers are even trained to help with house preparation so that your home looks beautiful when you try to sell it. Local moving services are usually charged by the hour, while long-distance moves are charged by the weight of the move and the miles traveled.

One-way removals use an exclusive team of drivers who don't return the truck to the original rental location. However, if there's only one TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise in your area and you're not doing long-distance moves, you may have to work with another company. Every year around Mother's Day, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK collects donations for women staying in homeless shelters. In addition to your standard moving services, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can also help you lift heavy objects in your home.

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