Can Moving Companies Safely Transport Firearms?

A person who legally owns a firearm can transport or ship it interstate when changing their state of residence. If you use a moving company, you must notify them that firearms are being transported. Certain NFA firearms must be pre-approved by the ATF before they can be transported between states. In general, moving companies usually agree to transport weapons, but they do not agree to transport ammunition.

In general, moving companies are not allowed to move objects that are dangerous or have the potential to burn. That means that ammunition, paint and chemicals are not allowed. There are no federal laws that prohibit professional moving companies from transporting firearms as long as they are unloaded and properly secured. However, the law prohibits moving companies from transporting ammunition in their moving trucks, even if the ammunition is not loaded into the firearm. This is because, under the right conditions of pressure and heat, ammunition can become explosive, posing a danger to the health and safety of carriers.

This is why, once a moving company agrees to transport a firearm, it is their responsibility to ensure that their carriers comply with local laws and federal regulations established by the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Atlantic Relocation Systems has extensive experience in moving electronic products and in the packaging and transportation of other sensitive and high-value products. Ignoring these regulations may seem like the most convenient option, but it can cause both you and your moving company to get into serious trouble if a moving company is accidentally injured by your gun. Local and federal laws that control the transportation of handguns have been enacted to protect you and your moving company. If you have any questions about transporting weapons with a moving company, you can always call a national moving company to inform them about their regulations.

Using a moving company to transport your firearms isn't an impossible task, but many moving companies don't offer this service. When you receive a free quote from a moving company you're thinking of working with, indicate that you'll be carrying a firearm and verify that the moving company accepts it. According to the ATF, transporting weapons with a moving company is legal, but you should always check the specific rules and regulations of the moving company. There is no federal regulation that prevents moving companies from transporting firearms (although all moving companies are free to deny any item on the day of the move). So pack the unloaded weapons and leave the rest in the hands of the trusted moving company that has been chosen to transport all your precious belongings, firearms and more.

Transporting weapons with a moving company isn't difficult, as long as you meet the basic rules. Some moving companies prefer not to transport weapons at all, while others only require that certain precautions be taken before moving them. While transporting an unloaded gun is no more dangerous than transporting any other household item, some moving companies simply prefer to avoid liability and transfer the responsibility of researching and packaging properly to the person who is doing the move.

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